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Gold and treasure detectors - Mega Diamond Locator

Colombo, Nugegoda


Essential Information:

  • Beds : 1
  • Baths : 4
  • Size : 11
  • Address : Tourist Club Area - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
  • Price : Rs. 11

Property Details

Long Range Detector Mega Diamond Locator\\r\\n\\r\\nThe Mega Diamond Locator from the house Mega Locators was designed to locate diamonds and gems. The Mega Diamond Locator offers the latest technology in long-range detectors to find even the smallest diamonds and gems in any terrain.\\r\\nThe Mega Diamond Locator detects even the smallest diamonds and gems in the distance and at great depths and offers the possibility to set the search program to the respective gem type by simple program selection.\\r\\nAbilities of the Mega Diamond Locator\\r\\nThe Mega Diamond Locator offers advanced technology from Mega Locators, It is the latest generation of devices of the high-quality Mega Detection series.\\r\\nThe Mega Diamond Locator is the best special device which was developed exclusively for the search of diamonds and gemstones. Through the use of high-precision frequencies, all kinds of buried gemstones are detected in every underground.\\r\\nThe Mega Diamond Locator features powerful features and reliable results. It is made of high quality plastic, which ensures its functionality even in extreme climatic conditions.\\r\\nAvailable languages\\r\\nThe Mega Diamond Locator convinces with a user-friendly menu which is available in 8 languages \\r\\nThe Mega Diamond Locator comes in a high quality, waterproof case.\\r\\nThe machine is fully German, guaranteed by German factory mega locator \\r\\n\\r\\nwe always welcome you in our company and our gallery \\r\\nOur address: http://bit.ly/2LkseWx\\r\\nPlease subscribe to our YouTube channel for more info about this device and other devices:\\r\\nhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pr8oqOLtvwg\\r\\nIf any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.\\r\\ninfo@GoldenDetector.com\\r\\nMobile1: 00971507737755\\r\\nMobile2: 00971503380055\\r\\nPhone: 0097126584321\\r\\nWeb: https://www.goldendetector.com/en/mega-diamond-locator-124.aspx\\r\\n\\r\\nGold and treasure detectors\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n